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Synthesis and application of CeO2/sawdust nanocomposite for removal of As (III) ions from aqueous solutions using a fixed bed column system

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    Hasanzadeh M.
    Ansari R.Corresponding
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In this study, nanocomposite of ceria sawdust (CeO2/SD) synthesized by precipitation method was utilized for removal of As (III) ions from aqueous solutions. Study of the process was done in column system. Characterization of the nano sized adsorbent particles was carried out using XRD and SEM techniques. The effects of important parameters, such as the value of initial pH, the flow rate, the influent concentration of arsenic and bed depth were studied in the column system. The Thomas model was applied for treatment of the adsorption data at different flow rate, influent concentration and bed depth. The bed-depth/service time analysis (BDST) model was also applied at different bed depth to predict the breakthrough curves. The two models were found suitable for describing the bio sorption process of the dynamic behavior of the CeO2/SD adsorbent in column investigation. Based on Thomas model, the equilibrium adsorption reached 8.28 mg g1 when a As(III) polluted solution with influent concentration of As 10 mg l-1 passed through the column with a flow rate of 2 ml min1. All the results suggested the presented nanocomposite as an efficient and cost effective adsorbent for removal of As (III) ions from aqueous solutions.