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Dehalogenation of chlorobromophenol by ozonation using heterogeneous catalyst

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    Co-authors: Ndabankulu V.O., Maddila S. and Jonnalagadda S.B.
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Ozone initiated oxidation of 2-chloro,4-bromophenol, (CBP) in aqueous system catalyzed by 1, 2.5 and 5% loadings of 1:1 molar ratio of Ce-Zr oxide on TiO2 were studied. The synthesized catalysts were characterized via BET, ICP, PXRD, TPD, TEM, SEM, and FT-IR analysis. The powder XRD data revealed that Ce-Zr exists in three different phases on titania. SEM and SEM-EDX confirmed well dispersed metal oxides on titania surface. 1H NMR, IR and GC-MS positively confirm hydroxyfumaric acid (HFA) and oxalic acid (OA) as reaction products. 5% Ce-Zr/TiO2 showed best performance with100 % conversion in 4 h. 


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Ndabankulu, V., Maddila, S. and Jonnalagadda, S. (2016) “Dehalogenation of chlorobromophenol by ozonation using heterogeneous catalyst”, Global NEST Journal, 18(2). Available at: