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An investigation of waste amounts from ships in Istanbul

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49 - 56

Dashan E.S. and Apaydin O.
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In Turkey, control studies related to the wastes from ships continue, and the first waste acceptance
facility (WAF) from ships was founded in Istanbul: Haydarpaşa WAF. Haydarpaşa WAF has been
accepting waste since September 2005 based on the International Convention for the Prevention of
Pollution from Ships (MARPOL 73/78). The number of transit ships and their disposed wastes have
been continuously recorded in a database since September 2005. The main goal of this study is to
forecast the amount of different waste collected from transit ships for next two years based on the
data recorded between September 2005 and January 2010 using ARMA forecasting model.
According to result obtained with the model, the current data remain between the upper and the
lower limit values of forecasting data.

ARMA, Istanbul, MARPOL, ship, waste, forecasting