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Effect of calcium cyanamide on pathogenic escherichia coli during mesophilic composting and impact on composting process

  • Authors (legacy)
    Simujide H., Aorigele C., Wang C.J., Manda B. and Ma L.N.

The objective of the study was to determine the effect of CaCN2 on pathogenic E. coli as an
antimicrobial agent and its impact on composting progress as an amendment in dairy cow manure
based mixtures composted at laboratory scale. The changes in physical parameters, chemical
parameters and biological parameters during 63 days composting were evaluated. The results of the
analysis revealed that additions of 2% and 3% CaCN2 into the compostable substrate significantly
improved the quality of the composting products. And the test for inactivation of E. coli showed that
additions of 2% and 3% CaCN2 significantly shortened the time to inactivate E. coli during
composting, indicating that the composting could quickly reach the sanitary standard with the
addition of CaCN2.

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