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3-D Water Quality Simulations in Mornos Reservoir

  • Authors (legacy)
    Papadimitrakis I. and Karalis S.

Simulations were performed of the 3-D hydrodynamic circulation and of the associated
water quality behavior in Mornos Reservoir, under real environmental conditions, during
the period 2003-2005. The water quality simulations, guided by observations taken at
the contributing tributaries and at the surface of the Reservoir, generated in-depth profiles
of pH, DO, NO3, NH4, TN, TKN, PO4, TP, TOC and of Chl-a, along with surface and indepth
horizontal distributions of these quantities, giving an overview of the variation of
the Reservoir’s water quality. Comparison of plots of the simulated quantities with field
data indicates that the Reservoir remains indeed oligotrophic; it also shows the potential
of the tools used, and the need for acquiring more systematic “in situ” observations by
EYDAP (the water authority company responsible for managing Mornos Reservoir).

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