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Application and Verification of a three-dimensional Hydrodynamic Model to Hamilton Harbour, Canada

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77 - 89

Tsanis I.K. and Jian Wu
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A multi-layered three-dimensional hydrodynamic model has been developed to provide flow fields and
water level changes in Hamilton Harbour. The field data collected in Hamilton Harbour during 1990
& 1991 field seasons was used for model verification. The simulated currents were compared with current
meter data. Results from the trajectory model are in good agreement with the drogue experimental
data. A quantitative criterion to evaluate the trajectory comparison was established with the help of
the trajectory model using the random-walk approach. By using the water level changes in the
Burlington Ship Canal, the model predictions were validated with the measurements at three water
level stations in the Harbour. These comparisons demonstrate that the models can simulate the major
features of the water current and level changes in Hamilton Harbour.

Hydrodynamic Model, Trajectory Model, Model Verification, Hamilton Harbour