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Treatment and valorisation of stormwater sediments

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189 - 195

Petavy F., Ruban V., Conil P., Viau J-Y. and Auriol J.C.
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The objective of this research is to show how sediment micro-pollution, including heavy
metals, hydrocarbons and PAHs, can be reduced by means of a physical treatment based on
screening and attrition. The study was carried out on five stormwater sediments, the
developed pilot unit allows to isolate pollutants in the fine particles, hence a possible reuse of
the coarse, unpolluted fractions. Geotechnical tests carried out on the treated sediments
show that most of these fractions are likely to be reused as road embankments, capping
layers or pipe embankments. The remediation of stormwater sediments is indeed possible
and the development of a mobile unit is actually under study. As sediment treatment is a wide
problem, largely exceeding stormwater, ATTRISED process could be used for the remediation
of other sediments such as river dredging sediments or sediments from sewer networks.

attrition, heavy metals, pilot plant, PAHs, pollution