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Water quantity and quality monitoring of Kosynthos river, North-Eastern Greece

  • Authors (legacy)
    Pisinaras V., Petalas C., Gemitzi A. and Tsihrintzis V.A.

An investigation of the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of Kosynthos river flow is
presented. Four monitoring sites were established along Kosynthos river for the period
October 2003 to October 2005 where discharge and water quality parameters were
monitored. River flow processes have changed over the recent years due to canalization and
diversion of flow, which have caused reduction in river losses from the study reach, thus
affecting local aquifer recharge. Both anthropogenic activities and geological deposits were
found to affect Kosynthos river hydrochemical regime. PCA proved to be a useful tool for the
exploration of Kosynthos river dataset. Three PCs were rendered including a nutrient type
component, a geochemical type component and a eutrophic type component. Continuing
monitoring of this river is essential for two reasons: it recharges the aquifer used for water
supply of the city of Xanthi, and discharges to Vistonis lagoon which is a very significant

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