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Utilizing Recycled Nanomaterials as a Partial Replacement for Cement to Create High-Performance Concrete

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Solid Waste Management

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89 - 92

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Naveen Arasu A
Naveen Arasu A. Natarajan M. Balasundaram N Parthasaarathi R
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The world is witnessing a boom-in construction industry due to urbanization which leads to over-exploitation of primary resource to match the demands and also increase the land pollution. The advent of nano engineering technology has a significant impact on cementitious materials, particularly graphene oxide which has piqued the interest of several researchers. Because graphene oxide not only provide strength, but it also makes the material more robust and weather resistant. Perhaps more crucially we can minimise the quantity of material necessary to build concrete by incorporating graphine oxide. The macro level workability strength behaviour flexural behaviour and water absorption test of the inclusion of graphene oxide in cement will be explored in this research. Graphene oxide is often available in powder form and it should be combined with water to make a paste before being mixed with concrete for best effects. In this study varied percentages of GO from 0% to 0.05% are employed to determine the optimal proportion of GO by weight of regular portland cement to achieve high strength. Polycorboxylate ethers will be employed as a super plasticizer in this study.

Land pollution, flyash, silica fume, graphene oxide

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