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Analysis and Evaluation of Heavy Metal Pollution in Kosasthalaiyar River near Ennore Creek Using Geo Statistical Approach

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Water Resources Management

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113 - 125

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Karuppasamy Sudalaimuthu
Sanghita Sen Karuppasamy Sudalaimuthu
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The increasing industrialization and urbanization in recent times has led to a significant increase in heavy metal pollution in soil and sediment. The present study aims to evaluate the heavy metal contamination (HmC) in surface sediments collected from the Kosasthalaiyar River located between latitudes 13°12′03″N and 13°16′34″N and longitudes 80°18′6″E and 80°19′56″E. Ten sampling locations were selected in the study area and samples of surface sediments were collected and analyzed for 16 geochemical and heavy metal parameters, including Silver (Ag), Aluminium (Al), Calcium (Ca), Cadmium (Cd), Chloride, Cobalt (Co), Total Chromium (Cr), Copper (Cu), Mercury (Hg), Manganese (Mn), Molybdenum (Mo), Nickel (Ni), Lead (Pb), Silica (Si), Titanium (Ti), and Zinc (Zn). The study aims to determine the potential environmental hazards of heavy metals in the sediment through calculation of the potential environmental hazard index (RI). Assess the impact of human activities on HmC in the surface sediments using four pollution indices: the Geo-accumulation index (Igeo), the Contaminant factor (CF), the degree of contamination (DC), the potential contamination index (PCI), and the pollution load index (PLI) and Conduct a human health risk assessment (HHRA) of heavy metals in the sediment. The study results will provide insight into the contamination levels and help inform measures for controlling pollution and promoting sustainability in the area.

Heavy metals (Hm’s), Kosastalayar River, pollution indices, human health risk assessment (HHRA)