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Empirical correlation with dimensionless parameters for following the kinetic separation performance via reverse osmosis desalination process of groundwater

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638 - 661

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Azizi A., Abouda L., Hanini S., Moussaoui M.
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The present paper carries for novel modeling that are often used for evaluate the kinetic performance of groundwater reverse osmosis (GWRO) desalination system by empirical correlation with dimensionless parameters. About three hundred dimensionless empirical correlationshave been proposed and validated for the calculation of three cumulative dimensionless volumes: alimentation, permeate and rejection as a function of the dimensionless filtration time and vice versa. This correlation has obtained by inspiration of the models already proposed in the literature from four unitary operation processes: filtration, adsorption, drying and extraction. The experimental data consists of 2561 points taken during the lifetime of 66 organics RO membranes. The interpreting of regression and residual results is validated by four statistical criteria: reduced chi-Sqr, residual sum of residual, r-square (COD) and adj. R-square (R²) and with two criteria in ANOVA analysis: sum of squares, mean square. Results show that 95 dimensionless empirical correlations (DEC) among 192 are highly capable to describe the separation kinetics on reverse osmosis desalination system curve with a least R2 was around 0.970 in comparison to the best correlation (DEC 1) with R2 of 0,998, 0,995 and 0,993 for alimentation, permeate and rejection, respectively, with negligible errors and perfect alignment of correlation with RO kinetic separation according to statistical criteria.

dimensionless empirical correlation, reverse osmosis process, kinetic separation, desalination.