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Performance Analysis of Multi User Optical Wireless Network (IR, or UV light for signal carrying) under Different Environmental Conditions

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Environmental Management and Policies

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248 - 253

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Dr Vaneet Kumar
Kapoor V., Kochher R., Varsha S. and Kumar V.
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The field of optics is flourishing day by day on account of the wide usage of the internet and its associated technologies. Free Space Optics (FSO) is a data transmission technique that employs light propagation to send data. This technology is effective in those circumstances where fiber optic cables cannot be deployed. This paper provides a model and simulation of the Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based FSO network under different environmental conditions, such as modulation types and data rates. Also, investigation of the impact of Multiple Access Interference (MAI) on FSO under design parameters has been done. The designed system performance is analyzed under the multiuser optical wireless network by changing data rates and modulation types. The proposed model's security is achieved through the use of the FBG encoder/decoder and the FSO channel for transmission. It has been inferred that the CRZ modulation type provides the best BER and Q factor compared to other formats, and a data rate as high as 1Gbps can be achieved using the CRZ modulation format. It has been noticed that as the number of users grows, the BER value begins to deteriorate.

FSO, BER, MAI, FBG, CRZ, UV and IR, Environmental Conditions