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Organic pollutants removal from oilfield produced water using nano magnetite as adsorbent

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Water and Wastewater Treatment

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381 - 387

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Ghazi Faisal Naser
Naser G.F. Dakhil I.H. Hasan A. A.
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The current study investigates the ability of Nano magnetite as an adsorbent to remove organic materials from oilfield-produced water (PW). The effect of several variables on the removal procedure was investigated, such as nano magnetite dose, pH of solution and adsorption period. The adsorbent was carefully examined and completed using several approaches FTIR, SEM and surface area analyzer. The results show that the best organic removal reached more than 89 % at 0.8 g Nano magnetite dose in 120 min through pH = 6.0 at room temperature. Three mathematical isotherm models of adsorption were used in this study: Langmuir, Freundlich and Brunauer-Emmett-Teller. It seems that the Langmuir model and Brunauer-Emmett-Teller was best fitted model over the experimental variety with a correlation coefficient of 0.994 and 0.995 respectively.

Produced Water; adsorbents; nano magnetite; dose; RSM; isotherms