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Tsunami threat versus development activities along the coast of Pakistan: A Geographic Assessment

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Multidisciplinary research in environmental science

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347 - 354

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Gohar Ali Mahar
Mahar G.A., Ahmed R., Iqbal M.J., Muhammad, A.
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Pakistan is located at the earthquake prone zone. The west coast of the country is in a zone of serious seismic hazards where a subduction zone is found. This area has been victimized by severe earth quakes and tsunamis in the past. Bathymetric and earthquake interpolated maps have been prepared for risk assessment. Growing population, development and planning along the coast of Makran, especially at Gawadar, could be a serious risk in future without seismic hazard assessment. Considering the safety measures against the probable tsunami, special attention must be paid in the prospect of planning and development along the coast. The article is an attempt to assess the magnitude of the risk on behalf of onshore and offshore morphologic configuration with their tectonic setup.

Tsunami, Earthquake, Coast, Subduction Zone, Development activities