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Novel composite materials as P-adsorption agents and their potential application as fertilizers

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Green Chemistry and Sustainable Development

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48 - 57

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Miltiadis Zamparas
Zamparas M., Kapsalis V.C., Kanteraki A.E., Vardoulakis E., Kyriakopoulos G.L, Drosos M., Kalavrouziotis I.K.
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The main objective of this study is to review the role of phosphorus in fertilizers, emphasizing in phosphate rock which is the primary source for phosphate fertilizer, with reference to harmful heavy metals as a consequence of their use. Simultaneously, this study examined the use of P-Adsorption agents as a potential application in agriculture, as the adsorbed phosphorus can be used as fertilizer or enriching soil conditioners. Therefore, it is generated a sustainable cycle taking into account a renewable resource-based Phosphorus Adsorption Agent (P-AA) leading to environmental protection and conservation of natural resources. Finally, this study highlighted new aspects that support P bioavailability of Humic-metal-P (HMP) in soils, correlating with novel materials in water purification.

Phosphorus Adsorption Agent, phosphate rock, Phoslock, fertilizers