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Effects of using Tamarindus indica Seeds as a natural coagulant aid in landfill leachate treatment

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Solid Waste Management

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373 - 380

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Hamidi Abdul Aziz
Aziz H.A., Yii Y.C., Syed Zainal S.F.F., Ramli S.F. and Akinbile C.O.
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Uncontrolled landfill leachate generation portends danger to the environment and aquatic ecosystem, especially without prior treatment before discharge. The application of Al-based coagulants, such as polyaluminum chloride (PACl), has the potential of introducing Al residuals into water bodies. Therefore, an alternative natural coagulant was recommended to reduce the usage of Al-based coagulants. In this study, a coagulation–flocculation process using the combination of PACl as coagulant and Tamarindus indica seed (TiS) as coagulant aid was used in treating the landfill leachate from the Alor Pongsu Landfill Site in Malaysia. Some of the optimum operational conditions determined were the pH and dosage of the coagulant aid, and their effect was considered on parameters, such as suspended solids (SS), color, and COD, using standard jar test procedures. The combination of TiS flocculant reduced the dosage of PACl coagulant from 5,000 mg/L to 2,750 mg/L with removal efficiencies of 99.3%, 97.3%, and 67.4% for SS, color, and COD, respectively.

Tamarindus indica; PAC1; landfill leachate, coagulant, coagulant aid