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Modelling refrigerating compartment of frost-free domestic refrigerators

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244 - 251

Jaramillo J..E., Rigola J., Rodrigues I. and Oliet C.
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This paper is focussed on the study of the air movement and temperature distribution inside
refrigerating compartment of household frost-free refrigerators. It is well known that the correct air
circulation and temperature distribution inside the refrigerated chamber are two of the most
important factors that affect refrigerator efficiency. In the frost-free refrigerators the cooled air is
supplied directly inside the fresh food and vegetable cabinets. Therefore, studies intended to
establish the actual air flow and temperature distributions inside these cabinets are relevant in order
to improve temperature homogeneity and to reduce energy consumption. The methodology applied
in this work is based on the numerical simulation of the cabinets by means of computational fluid
dynamics. Turbulence is solved by means of a Large Eddy Simulation model. Unsteady threedimensional
numerical studies are carried out, simulating the cooling process starting from a uniform
warm temperature inside the refrigerator. Furthermore, the influence of the location of inlet and outlet
ports is also investigated.

turbulence modelling, LES, CFD, symmetry-preserving discretization, air movement, refrigerator