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Temporal and spatial scales of lake processes. Part 2: interaction of physical and ecological scales and application of scaling concepts to greek lakes

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354 - 368

Papadimitrakis I. and Chioni A.
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The temporal and spatial scaling concepts related to basic physical and ecological lake processes
and the associated non-dimensional parameters that govern the various flow regimes, developed in
lakes and reviewed in Part 1 of our companion paper (Papadimitrakis, 2011), are applied to lakes
Pamvotis and Vegoritis, two water enclosures located in the Northern Greece having different
bathymetry and morphology and forced by dissimilar external conditions. This paper begins with a
description of the interaction of physical and biological processes in lakes (the latter being described
in Part 1) and proceeds with the application of scaling concepts to the above lakes. From these two
applications, several interesting conclusions are drawn by comparing the similarities and differences
shown in the variation, with time, of these important scales and non-dimensional parameters and
how the latter affect the various lake flow regimes.

Lake processes, physical scales, ecological scales, interaction of scales, lake ecohydrodynamics, flow regime-scale interrelation

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