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Secovlje Salina Nature Park, Slovenia – new business model for preservation of wetlands at risk

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Sovinc A.
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Ecological management plan and its implementation for particular wetland are highly
dependent on securing effective management tools, including management according to the
management plan. The implementation of such a plan requires adequate resources, both in
terms of human and financial support. The article demonstrates an innovative approach of
business company, supporting sound ecological management and restoration of salt making
process in the salt-works and Nature Park in Secovlje Salina (Slovenia).
The Secovlje Salina (6,5 km2), part of the Piran Salinas which comprises adjacent still active
Strunjan Salina and already abandoned Lucija Salina, is situated on the Adriatic coast, at the
mouth of the Dragonja River, in the southernmost stretch of the coastline of the Piran Bay.
The area has been designated a Nature Park by the Government of Slovenia in 2001.
Due to difficult economic situation on the European market of salt, the production of salt in
Secovlje Salina almost ceased. In the year 2003 the salt making company (Soline d.o.o.) has
been bought by the telecommunication company Mobitel d.d. in order to safeguard natural
and cultural heritage and landscape and to maintain the traditional salt making process. This
new model of business relationship proved to be successful for both sides: initial investments
in the reconstruction of salt making and park infrastructure resulted in direct economic
benefits for the business company and for preservation of natural and cultural heritage and
tradition. Public image of telecommunication company has raised: potential customers
appreciate investments of business into protection of nature and culture which resulted in new
subscriptions to the above telecommunication company.

saltworks, ecological management, business model, Secovlje Salina