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Management of biological systems for continuously-operated solar saltworks

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73 - 78

Davis J.S.
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The goal of every solar saltworks with seawater intake--continuous and economic production
of high quality salt (sodium chloride) at design capacity—requires ability to simultaneously
manage and coordinate physical systems with biological systems in the concentrating and
crystallizing ponds. This effort requires close control of specified salinities, depths, and brine
transfers, frequent surveillance and adjustments of planktonic and benthic communities and
their key microorganisms, and timely recognition and correction of developing problems. This
report reviews features and concepts that facilitate biological and physical management,
considers causes and effects of common and severe disturbances and their solutions, and
provides information that enable biological systems in the ponds of a solar saltworks aid
rather than harm salt production.

Aphanothece halophytica, Artemia, biological management, Dunaliella salina, marais salants, red halophilic bacteria, salina design, salinas, saltfields, solar saltworks