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Utilization of metallurgical solid by-products for the development of inorganic polymeric construction materials

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127 - 136

Giannopoulou I., Dimas D., Maragkos I. and Panias D.
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This paper deals with the geopolymerization of the red mud generated in the primary
aluminium production and the slag generated in the ferronickel production, in order to develop
inorganic polymeric materials with advanced mechanical and physical properties. In particular,
the effect of the main synthesis parameters of the inorganic polymeric materials on their
mechanical strength and water absorption was investigated. Moreover, the structure of the
inorganic polymeric materials was studied according to X-ray Diffraction analysis, Fourier
Transform Infra Red spectroscopy and Scanning Electronic Microscopy. The inorganic
polymeric materials produced by the geopolymerization of the red mud developed
compressive strength up to 21 MPa and presented water absorption lower than 3 %, while the
geopolymerization of the ferronickel slag resulted in materials with compressive strength
higher than 110 MPa and extremely low water absorption (< 1 %). According to these results,
the developed materials may be viewed as alternatives in the industrial sectors of
construction and building materials.

geopolymerization; geopolymers; red mud; ferronickel slag