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Comparative study on the removal of acid violet by adsorption on various low cost adsorbents

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395 - 403

Kannan N. and Murugavel S.
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The kinetic studies on the removal of Acid Violet-17 (AV) by adsorption on various adsorbents
such as fly ash (FA), iron chromium oxide (ICO), lignite coal (LC), kapok fruit shell carbon
(KC) and cashew nut shell carbon (CC) have been made and the results have been
compared with that of commercial activated carbon (CAC). Effect of various experimental
parameters has been investigated using batch adsorption technique at room temperature
(30±1ºC). The percentage removal of AV increases with decrease in the initial concentration
of AV, initial pH and particle size of adsorbent and increases with increase in the contact time
and dose of adsorbent. Adsorption data were modeled with the Freundlich and Langmuir
adsorption isotherms and various first order kinetic equations at 30±1ºC. The kinetics of
adsorption is found to be first order with intra particle diffusion as one of the rate determining
steps. The adsorbent materials like iron-chromium oxide (ICO), kapok fruit shell carbon (KC)
and cashew nut shell carbon (CC) could be employed as low cost adsorbents as alternative
materials to CAC for the removal of AV.

Wastewater treatment, acid violet, Freundlich and Langmuir isotherms, kinetics of adsorption, intra particle diffusion