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Experimental investigation of Co-Composting of gelatine industrial sludge combined with slaughter house waste and rice straw

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Water and Wastewater Treatment

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133 - 141

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Balamurugan Panneerselvam
Umamaheswari Raju Balamurugan Panneerselvam Senthamizhan Maruthamuthu
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This work illustrates the co-composting of Gelatine Industry Sludge (GIS) combined with organic fraction of Slaughter House Waste (SHW) and Rice Straw (RS) employing 10% zeolite mixed with Enriched Nitrifying Bacteria Consortium (ENBC). Five piles of GIS will be prepared and mixed with SHW and RS at 2:1:0.5, 4:1:0.5, 6:1:0.5 and 8:1:0.5 and without GIS 0:1:0.5 (dry weight basis) served as control, while ENBC was inoculated in all piles and Windrow composted for 42 days. After complete the composting process to characterized to determine, Moisture content, Temperature pH, EC, TOC, TKN, P, K, C/N Ratio, Bacteria, Fungi, Actinomycetes as per the standard methods (Indian Standard). To find out the co-variations of the samples, and Least Significant Difference value calculated for each parameter. The reactor 4 with GIS, SHW and RS ratio 8:1:0.5 were reduced the nitrogen loss and co variations is very low. The co amendment of 8% Gelatine Industrial Sludge effectively buffered the pH between 6.5-8, while lower concentration of the Gelation Industrial Sludge was comparatively delayed the early decomposition. Therefore, our results suggested that suitable of initial sample ratio 8:1:0.5 as the best formulation for the composting of gelatine industrial sludge into value added stable product.