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The Influence of Transportation on Regional Tourism Economic Development under the Environment of Sustainable Development-Taking Guizhou Province in China as an Example

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Urban environment and health

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106 - 112

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Wenjiang Luo
Wenjiang Luo Shoufeng Wu
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The regional tourism economy of Guizhou Province (Latitude 26° 38' 49.1964'' N and Longitude: 106° 37' 47.9892'' E) can be developed by improving the transportation situation. The influence of transportation on the regional tourism economy is the main research content here. A correlation model is established to quantify the relationship between the two. Finally, the model experiment results are analyzed and summarized. Growth rate of total tourism revenue has the largest impact after a positive shock in the initial stage and then drops sharply, turning into the largest negative response. There are obvious shocks in the next few times. The impact gradually decreases and finally tends to 0. The impact of the shock disappears after 20 hits. When it is impacted by the total length of transportation lines, the growth rate of total tourism revenue doesn’t respond at the initial stage. It then responds negatively. The results indicate that there is a coupling relationship between transportation and tourism. The improvement of transportation serves as a strong booster for the tourism economy and supports the development of tourist attractions. The results are significant for promoting transportation and tourism in Guizhou Province.

sustainable development, transportation construction, Guizhou Province, regional tourism, tourism economy, influence mechanism