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Nanoparticales in cosmetics, What we don’t know about safety and hidden risks . A mini-review

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Environmental Health

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1 - 5

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DR.Ahmed Samir Naje
Lubna Abdulazeem, Fuad Ghazi Hassan, Mustafa Jawad Abed, Waleed S Torki, Ahmed Samir Naje
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Nanotechnology exemplifies advancement in the field of research and development by enhancing product efficacy through the introduction of novel solutions. In the field of cosmeceuticals, the use of nanotechnology is increasing to solve some of the limitations associated with conventional goods. Cosmeceuticals are the fastest-growing section of the personal care market, and their use has skyrocketed in recent years. Nanocosmeceuticals are a type of skin, hair, nail, and lip care product that is used to cure wrinkles, photoaging, hyperpigmentation, dandruff, and hair damage. However, nanotoxicological studies have raised concerns about the impact of expanding nanoparticle use in cosmeceuticals, as nanoparticles have the potential to permeate skin and create health problems. The research on nanotechnology in cosmeceuticals focuses on the multiple unique carriers utilized for cosmeceutical delivery, their good and negative aspects, marketed formulations, toxicity, and nanocosmeceutical restrictions. The primary goal of this editorial is to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of nanoparticles used in cosmetics.

Nanocosmetics, nanoparticles, saftyhealth.