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Assessment of potential hydrological climate change impacts in Kastoria basin (Western Macedonia, Greece) using EUROCORDEX regional climate models

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Water Resources Management

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43 - 54

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Dimitrios Voulanas
Voulanas Dimitrios Theodosiou Nicolaos Hatzigiannakis Evangelos
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The Mediterranean region is expected to present reduced availability of water resources due to climate change. This study aims to assess the potential hydrological responses to climate change in the Kastoria basin (Western Macedonia, Northern Greece) for the period 2019-2078. Climate projections from eight regional climate models from EURO-CORDEX were bias-adjusted using the linear scaling method. The bias-adjusted climate data were used to force the FeFLOW hydro-logical model to predict the discharge of the Kastoria aquifer towards lake Orestiada along with the projected groundwater level distribution. Precipitation (temperature) shows a tendency to decrease (increase) mainly in late spring to early autumn while increase (decrease) in the other sea-sons. Moreover, results indicate a significant increase in temperature and a slight decrease in precipitation towards 2078, while the predicted groundwater level of Kastoria aquifer will reduce slightly. However, the future hydrological behavior of the basin indicates a substantial reduction by approximately 15% of total water yield towards the end of the century.

FeFLOW, Water balance, Kastoria aquifer, groundwater flow model, climate change, EURO-CORDEX