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Performance evaluation of filtration and ultrafiltration for municipal secondary effluent reuse

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Water and Wastewater Treatment

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431 - 437

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Amir Hessam Hassani
Jamalinezhad M. Hassani A.H. Borghei M. Amin M.M.
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This study aimed to evaluate the performance of microscreen drum filter and ultrafiltration (UF) as a ‎tertiary treatment to improve the secondary effluent quality. Additionally, hydraulic loading of ‎drum filter and membrane flux of UF were changed. On average, the use of drum filter and UF ‎reduced TSS to 50% and 100%, respectively. Furthermore, drum filter, on average, was capable of ‎reducing turbidity and COD to 36 and 20%, and UF decreased them to 76 and 39%, respectively. ‎Fecal coliform and total coliform were reduced to 74 and 76% in drum filter and 5.28 and 5.08 log ‎in UF, respectively. The results revealed that the combination of microscreen and UF is an effective ‎hybrid process for reducing physical parameters and coliforms in secondary effluent so that it can ‎meet the US Environmental Protection Agency standards for many uses, including unrestricted ‎urban uses and agricultural irrigation for food crops.‎

Disinfection, Drum filter, Microscreen, Tertiary treatment, UF‎