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A GIS methodology to support sea water quality assessment in coastal areas

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Environmental Sciences

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122 - 127

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Dimitra Kitsiou
Kitsiou D., Patera A. and Kostopoulou M.
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The development of methodologies for assessing water quality in coastal areas including mapping of eutrophication levels is a research area of high interest. A wide range of methodological approaches can be found in the literature, including multivariate techniques, since marine eutrophication is a multi-parametric phenomenon. In this context, statistical analysis and in particular Principal Component Analysis (PCA) have been widely applied. However, no attempt has been presented so far for mapping eutrophication levels based on information acquired from PCA results in integration with spatial analysis methods. The rapid development of Geographical Information Systems provides the appropriate framework for the development and application of methodologies integrating statistical analysis, spatial analysis methods and mapping techniques. This paper proposes such a methodological approach for assessing sea water quality in coastal areas. The methodology is clearly described and the Strait of Mytilene at the east of the Island of Lesvos in the NE Aegean Sea, Greece is used as a case study.

coastal areas, spatial analysis, interpolation, mapping, PCA, eutrophication, Aegean Sea