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Environmental policy evaluation from the perspective of farmers' perception in arid oasis ecosystem: Experiences of Minqin, Northwest China

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Environmental Management and Policies

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289 - 299

Yang H., Li Y., Feng Q., Chen L. and Zhao Y.
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Effective eco-environment rehabilitation is an essential policy issue in arid oasis ecosystem. Since 2007, a policy which focuses on environment restoration and protection was implemented in the Shiyang River Basin of Gansu Province, China. Using Minqin oasis as a case, the effectiveness of policy impacts based on farmers’ perception was evaluated. In addition, an ordinal logistic regression model was used to explore the potential factors affecting farmers’ perception of policy effectiveness. Data were collected from household heads or spouses and other adults (age>18) separately in a random sample of 425 households. The results showed that positive outcomes were achieved, however, two policy measures—the water restrictions and the ecological migration project—were rated at a low level of satisfaction by the farmers. Moreover, 11 determinants were extracted by the logistic regression method, and indicating that economic factors including the ownership of the arable land and the availability of household income turned out to be the most significant. The results can help to establish eco-environmental restoration targets, encourage investments, and lead to the development of more applicable methods for assessing policy effects from the perspective of smallholders in ecologically fragile areas all over the world.
Keywords: Environmental policy evaluation; Farmers’ perception; Ordinal logistic regression; Minqin oasis; Northwest China

Environmental policy evaluation, Farmers’ perception, Ordinal logistic regression, Minqin oasis, Northwest China