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Study of Daily Extreme Temperature Indices over Sutlej Basin, N-W Himalayan Region, India

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    Corresponding: Gupta R.D.
    Co-authors: Singh D., Gupta R.D. and Jain S.K.
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A detailed analysis of extreme temperature indices for the period of 1970-2005 is conducted over Sutlej river basin located in North-West Himalayan region. For this purpose, daily records of maximum and minimum temperature data were procured from Bhakara Beas Management Board, India for four stations. These stations are installed at varying height from 518m to 976m under different physiographic and climatic conditions. Fourteen extreme indices for temperature as specified by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Commission for Climatology (CCL)/Climate Variability and Predictability (CLIVAR) Expert Team on Climate Change Detection, Monitoring and Indices (ETCCDMI) are derived with the aid of RClimDex software.  Linear Regression (LR) method is employed for detecting annual as well as monthly trends in extreme indices of temperature over the period of thirty six years (1970-2005). Large spatial and inter-annual variability in trends of extreme indices is observed. However, a rise in diurnal temperature range is observed for the basin as a whole. This may be attributed to the decrease observed in maximum TMin (TXn) and warm nights (TN90p) coupled with the increase in maximum TMax (TXx).


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