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Toxicity potential of particulates in the airshed of haulage vehicle park

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466 - 473

Fakinle B.S., Sonibare J.A., Akeredolu F.A., Okedere O.B. and Jimoda L.A.
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This study examined the toxicity potential of total suspended particulate in the airshed of a haulage vehicle park located in a major highway connecting Lagos, the commercial centre of Nigeria to its other parts. It has an approximate area of 0.6 km2. Ambient air total suspended particulates (TSP) were monitored at five different sub- parks using the GT331 particulate monitor. A control sampling point was also set at about a kilometer southward of the sub-parks. The average measured particulate concentrations within the park ranged between 197.07 and 653.28 µg m-3 with an average of 334.5 µg m-3 but at the control point, it was between 18.5 and 46.6 µg m-3 with an average of 36.23 µg m-3. An assessment of toxicity potential of these particulates shows unhealthy air conditions at the haulage park. It was between 0.58 and 6.00 at the park’s sampling points but ranged between 0.11 and 0.33 at the control location. This study establishes that haulage vehicles may contribute significantly to its host airshed degraded air quality thus calls for appropriate regulatory measure to protect commuters plying the major highway around the park.

Total suspended particulate, haulage Vehicle Park, toxicity potential, and diesel.