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Sustainable research and development of the small uninhabited islands: the case of Ionian Oinoisses

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111 - 120

Alexopoulos A.B., Karris G. and Kokkali A.
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It is acceptable that the uninhabited islands of small size, due to their isolation from the mainland,
offer remarkable habitats for the distribution and conservation of significant protected flora and fauna
species. Many of these islands hosted in the past settlements, castles, etc., that now have been
abandoned, though the charasteristics of the landscape and the types of economy have not been
altered to present. Albeit they do not sustain human habitation, the deterioration of their enviroment
is owing to human intervention. The Oinousses island complex (consisting of three major islands:
Sapientza, Schiza and Agia Mariani) retain a well-preserved and undisturbed natural environment as
well as a rich wild life biodiversity. The main aim of the current research is to provide an effective tool
which will serve the sustainable counterbalance development in remote insular areas around
Greece. This will be achieved by using an enviromental assessment methodology (Leopold Matrix)
that will contribute to the evaluation of the emergent environmental impacts. The monitoring and
management of these islands in the future will be based on the conservation of their insular features
(as a basic principle of sustainability) and the soft actions that must be adopted with respect to their
natural environment.

isolated islands, natural environment, conservation and protection, Leopold Matrix