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Protection of environment by the use of fly ash in road construction

  • Authors
    Escioglou P.
    Oikonomou N.

Fly ash is an important industrial by-product that comes from the combustion of coal, for the
production of electrical energy. In our country, only a small percentage is used for the
construction of technical projects, while the rest is stockpiled, causing serious problems.
Because of its great availability and its low cost, further possibility of its usage should be
investigated. In the present assignment, clay soils, natural and crushed sand-gravel were
stabilized with different quantities of fly ash, for the creation of durable forest roads.
From research, it has been found that stabilization with fly ash, improves the natural and
mechanical characteristics of soils (plasticity, compressive strength and particle size
distribution). As a result, the improvement of the forest road networks from one side and the
economy in natural inert materials and the exploitation of fly ash from the other, the
importance of such an intervention in the protection of the forest ecosystem and the natural
environment in general are obvious.