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Investigation of Key Technologies for Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction in Chongqing Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants Based on Carbon Emission Reduction Contribution

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Water and wastewater
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Water and Wastewater Treatment

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1 - 12

Guanyu X, Qiyu Y, Hanyi Y, Yongheng W
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In this paper, based on the factors of treatment process, treatment scale, as well as water quality, the level and distribution of electricity consumption, drug consumption, and indirect carbon emission of five typical wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) were examined. The distribution of electricity consumption within the WWTPs were analyzed in terms of wastewater treatment units. The results uncovered that the biological treatment unit was the treatment unit with a high percentage of electricity consumption in the WWTPs. Carbon emissions of main units in the WWTPs presented that the aeration blower, sewage lifting pump, submersible pusher, phosphorus remover and return sludge pump of the biological treatment unit were the top 5 emission units of carbon emissions in the WWTPs, and the key influencing factors of the carbon emissions of the main carbon emission units had been analyzed. Combined with the current situation of sewage treatment energy consumption in Chongqing, the analysis put forward a library of energy saving and consumption reduction measures for Chongqing WWTPs, which applied them to the sewage treatment plant A energy saving and consumption reduction renovation project.