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The Use of multiple-soil layer bioreactors to boost decomposition of fresh leachate

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Water treatment

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41 - 47

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Mochamad Arief Budihardjo
Syafrudin, Hadiwidodo M, Widodo I.W., Budihardjo M.A, Ramadan B.S., Puspita A.S., Wati H.R.
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The amount of waste is increasing daily; however, the available land area is limited. This problem can be overcome by segregating waste and other alternatives by accelerating landfill stabilization using landfill bioreactors. In this study, anaerobic bioreactor A with daily use of water and the leachate, anaerobic bioreactor B with the addition of water and reuse of the leachate daily, and a control bioreactor with the addition of water were used. The parameters measured were the pH, temperature, humidity, chemical oxygen demand (COD), and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) of the leachate. The reuse of the leachate and addition of water to the bioreactor accelerated waste degradation and caused high humidity. The average COD and BOD in each bioreactor on day 40 were stable. On day 45, the BOD (74.925 mg/L) was below 100 mg/L and the average COD (781 mg/L) was stable below 1000 mg/L. These results were for all bioreactors except for the control bioreactor, which only received water addition treatment; its COD value was below 1000 mg/L on day 50, at 989 mg/L. Waste decomposition was stabilized, with the BOD below 100 mg/L and the COD below 1000 mg/L.

landfill bioreactor, COD and BOD