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Treatment of combined coffee processing wastewater using constructed wetland/ Cyperus-ustulatus and Typha-latifolia plants process

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Water and Wastewater Treatment

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429 - 433

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Zerihun Asmelash Samuel
Samuel Z.
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The research investigated wastewater discharges from wet coffee processing plant (WCPP) combined with tap water (TW) treated by using Cyperus-ustulatus plant (P1), Typha-latifolia plant (P2) wetland. The WCPP wastewater was conducted by different combination (100%WW + 0% TW; 75% WW + 25% TW; 50% WW + 50% TW; 75%WW + 25% TW and 0% WW + 100% TW) after being irrigated for 21 days in the constructed wetland with P1, P2and control (without a plant). The highest value of total solids, chemical oxygen demand and biochemical oxygen demand increases were 76%, 95% and, 96%, respectively, removed wastewater treated by T3 (50% WW + 50% TW) with P2 wetland after 21 days irrigated. As a result, the combination of coffee wastewater with constructed wetland treatment methods was a low-cost, affordable, technically viable and eco-friendly treatment option for the wet coffee processing plant wastewater.

Combination, Constructed wetland, Coffee processing wastewater, Removal capacity, Wastewater treatment