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Mass transfer intensification in bioactive compounds recovery by alternative extraction methods: effects of solvent

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Green Chemistry and Sustainable Development

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30 - 36

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Atanasov S., Stoylov B.L., Saykova I., Tchaoushev S.T.
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Recently, the exploration of new alternatives to common organic solvents in combination with non-conventional energy sources is a subject of intense research and development as tools for green extraction of plant-derived natural products. This paper deals with the use of low frequency ultrasound (100 W, 32 kHz) and pulsed electrical fields (0.86 kV cm-1, 13 Hz) to raise the efficiency of the extraction of selected plant species rich in valuable phenolic compounds.Four types of natural deep eutectic solvents were applied for the ultrasound-assisted extraction of silymarin from milk thistle among which a choline-chloride-based mixture with glycerol was proved to be the most promising one. Additionally, the usage of high ultrasound power significantly increased the concentration of sylimarin as compared to traditional ethanol extraction, generating rapidly for 10 min considerable temperature rise as a side effect under non-cooling conditions. The application of PEF as a pre-treatment for 0.8 s to the extraction allowed reducing the ethanol percentage in the ethanol/water mixtures giving comparable phenolic yields, without any, or very little, increase in temperature. As such, optimized power intensity in conjunction with appropriate solvent system provides a potential to improve the release of thermally unstable bioactive compounds under mild processing conditions.

Deep eutectic solvents, Pulsed electric field, Energy consumption, Polyphenols, Milk thistle, Grape seeds