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Assessment of the prevailing environmental conditions: in the town of Patras, Greece with emphasis on areas with school buildings

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Green Chemistry and Sustainable Development

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19 - 22

Katsifara A., Varnavas S.P.
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The school buildings in and around the city of Patras in the prefecture of Achaia, Greece, are classified on the basis of the prevailing environmental conditions and the existing human activities in the surrounding area. School buildings in urban and rural environment are investigated. The type and the sources of pollutants reaching the soil or the air in the school environment, air particles and noise are considered in this investigation. A number of school buildings have been constructed near traffic roads. As a result of this, the school environment is affected by noise and air particles produced from the combustion of petrol by the vehicles. In other cases, fine particles, related to resuspension of soil of the school yard and the surrounding area, affect the school environmental conditions. Similarly, under specific meteorological conditions, some schools in the rural environment can be affected by the agriculture activities, such as the use of fungicides. Specific measures are suggested to be taken for all groups of schools for the protection of the students' and the teachers' health.

Environment, air quality, air particles, pollution, school buildings, health, medical geochemistry