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The Heavy Metal Hazard of undiscovered World War I and II graves in Poland

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CEST2017 - Heavy metals in the environment

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461 - 465

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Kaczmarek, B.
Kaczmarek, B.
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The purpose of this research is to identify and characterize the poorly investigated problem of heavy metal contamination originating from World War I and II mass graves. Chemical elements pass systematically into the soil from metal weapons, buttons, badges, and other objects. As a result, the soil and groundwater become highly saturated with heavy metals relative to metals from communal waste. A review of previous analyses of the areas surrounding localized graves in southeast Poland revealed chemicals leached from burials to have a significant impact on the environment and groundwater. This review highlights the danger posed by mass graves that are frequently located near human settlements and rivers. However, the exact locations of the majority of mass graves are unknown and the heavy metal hazard warrants their identification and reburial in an appropriate place.

Mass graves, pollution of heavy metal, groundwaters in Poland