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Qatar’s effort for the deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage

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    Corresponding: Dr. Mohammad Alsheyab
    Co-authors: Dr. Mohammad Alsheyab
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Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is an advanced technology that has the technical potential to provide dual advantages: (1) it helps countries maintain their hydrocarbon – driven economic advancement, such as Gulf Corporation Council countries (GCC) and (2) mitigating the negative effects of increasing CO2 emissions. A full system of CCS consists of CO2 separation, compression, transportation, injection into underground reservoirs and long-term monitoring. Qatar is very well aware of the adverse consequences of the rise of CO2 emissions and therefore started investing heavily in carbon capture and Storage and took major steps to mitigate the negative impact of CO2. It is believed that CCS would provide a major shift in mitigation the CO2 emissions. This paper will analyze the potential of deployment of CCS in Qatar as well as the efforts expended so far in that regard.

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