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Assessment of the physical demands of waste collection tasks

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Solid Waste Management

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426 - 438

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Erman Çakıt
Çakıt E.
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This study features an analysis of the influences and effects of different postures performed within tasks of waste collection. Four men, ages 30, 46, 60 and 65, and two women, ages 38 and 48, took part in this study.  The assessment makes use of a 3D Static Strength Prediction Program (3DSSPP™) to analyze the lifting and dumping postures observed in the experiment and evaluate strength requirements and the lower back impact of the different tasks. Additional analysis tools Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA) and Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA) were used to assess the risks associated with the tasks, and assessing the usability of this tool-setup to evaluate this kind of tasks with respect to the results expected. 3DSSPP results showed that only 86% of the population would be able to lift 9kg in this posture and 96% of the population would be capable of performing dumping. The results obtained using RULA and REBA indicated that the lifting and dumping postures are in need of change as soon as possible. Overall, this paper evaluates the postural risks of waste collection tasks mainly considering lifting and dumping tasks and assesses the physiological impacts on waste collection task performance.  


Ergonomics assessment, waste collection, posture analysis, ergonomics analyses toolsets