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Evaluation and Comparison of DPSIR Framework and the Combined SWOT–DPSIR Analysis approach: Towards Embracing Complexity

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Ecosystems and Natural Resources Management

Pages :
198 - 209

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Christos A. Karavitis
Karavitis C.A. Skondras N.A.
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Natural resources management needs to deal with multiple and usually conflicting issues in order to satisfy equally opposing objectives for the physical systems sustainable development. In such a complex field, decision making may become quite challenging and pressing particularly in times of crises, such as environmental and climatic uncertainties or economic instabilities. Thus, decision makers should be provided with sufficient information regarding both the system and the problem at hand in order to cope with the inherent complexity and develop timely, efficient and implementable corresponding actions. The quest for reliable applicable options has resulted in developing and implementing various concepts, methodologies, frameworks and tools. In this context, a decision support tool/framework that derives from the well-established and widely applied DPSIR framework is presented. The framework (Combined SWOT–DPSIR Analysis - CSDA) introduces some new elements in the ordinary DPSIR analysis and aims at facilitating decision makers in their efforts to embrace ecosystems’ complexity. The framework is also compared against its predecessor through multiple criteria decision analysis. The main objective of the comparison is to highlight potential differences of the presented framework and to provide additional details on its structure. As a result, it may lead towards a better understanding of the nascent systems complexity.

Decision Making, Decision Support Tools, DPSIR Framework, CSDA Approach, Information, Complexity