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Impacts of Leachate Percolation on Ground Water Quality: A Case Study of Dhanbad City

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Solid Waste Management

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162 - 174

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Dr Alok Sinha
Pande G., Sinha A. and Agrawal S.
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This paper presents an assessment of the impact of uncontrolled and unscientific disposal of MSW on ground water in Dhanbad city, India. In this study, ground water quality around municipal solid waste disposal sites was investigated. Ground water quality analysis was carried out on samples collected at various distances from two disposal sites. The study has revealed that the ground water quality near dumping sites does not conform to the drinking water quality standards as per IS:10500. The impacts of indiscriminate dumping activity on ground water appeared most clearly as high concentrations of total dissolved solids, electrical conductivity, chlorides, chemical oxygen demand, and sulphates. High amount of metals like Na, K, Ca, Mg, Cd, Cu, Ni, Fe, Zn and Mn has also been detected in the groundwater samples near dumping area. Leachate characterization study also reveals high potential for groundwater contamination. Presence of feacal coliform contamination in groundwater samples indicates potential health risk for individuals exposed to this water. 


Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Leachate, Ground water, Heavy Metals