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Comparative study on physical and mechanical properties of high slump and zero lump high volume fly ash concrete (HVFAC)

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578 - 584

Mukherejee S., Mandal S. and Adhikari U.B.
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An experimental investigation was carried out to compare the compressive strength of zero slump and high slump concrete with high volume fly ash. 40% to 70% replacements of OPC (by weight) with class F fly ash have been incorporated. Superplasticizer was added at 1% of binder (cement + fly ash) to the zero slump mixture to get a slump in the range of 140 to 180mm and cubes were cast without compaction. The results showed that the apparent porosity and water absorption were higher for zero slump concrete than high slump concrete. Zero slump concrete showed better compressive strengths than superplasticized concrete with 40 to 60% fly ash addition for all curing times tested (3,7 and 28 days). Ultrasonic pulse velocity results categorized all mixes as of ‘EXCELLENT’ concrete quality. Based on the present experimental investigation, it can be concluded that high volume fly ash concrete is suitable for general construction applications.