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Feasibility study of biohydrogen production from pressmud by UASB process and assessment of operating parameters

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560 - 567

Radjaram B., Saravanane R. and Sundararajan T.
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Anaerobic digestion of pressmud diluted with water for biohydrogen production was performed in continuous fed UASB bio reactor for 120 days. Experiment was conducted at a dilution ratio of 1:7.5, by maintaining constant HRT of 30 hrs and the volume of biohydrogen evolved daily was monitored. Various parameters like COD, volatile fatty acid, alkalinity, volatile solids, total and volatile suspended solids and pH with respect to biohydrogen production were monitored at regular interval of time. Specific biohydrogen production rate was 10.98 ml g-1 COD reduced /day and 12.77 ml g-1 VS reduced on peak yield of biohydrogen. COD reduction was above 70 ± 7%. Maximum gas yield was on the 78th day to 2240 ml day-1. A VSS/TSS of 1-1.5 and VFA/Alkalinity of 0.6 -1.0 were found to be consistent during steady state condition. The aim of the experiment is to study the feasibility of biohydrogen production by anaerobic fermentation of pressmud which is a renewable form of energy to supplement the global energy crisis.