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Incidence of fluid inclusions on the chemical quality of salt produced in Sfax Saline -E.S of Tunisia

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409 - 416

Amdouni R.
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Halite–crystals produced in solar salts Works of Sfax Saline (E.S of TUNISIA), more often, contain fluid
inclusions which fill inter– and intra–crystalline cavities and represent from 3 to 5 % in mass.
With the sole aim of quantifying the impact of fluid inclusions on chemical quality of NaCl crystals,
we proceeded by a comparison of the analytical results obtained from the analysis of primary salt
samples with those obtained upon the same samples cleared out as much as possible of their
inclusions by grinding in ethanol. The results obtained for bromine, potassium, magnesium and
heavy metals (Cu, Mn, Pb, Zn and Cd) show that these inclusions have a chemical composition
similar to that of mother brines. The decrease of salt -crystals size, by washing, using saturated
brines, largely contributes to the reduction of impurities in alimentary sea salt.

brines, cavities, salinity, solar salts works, fluid inclusions, heavy metals