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Comparison of naturally prepared coagulants for removal of COD and color from textile wastewater

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522 - 528

Patel H. and Vashi R.T.
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The wastewater generated by the textile industry is rated as the most polluting among all industrial sectors considering both volumes discharged and effluent composition. Present investigation intended for COD and color removal from textile wastewater using naturally prepared coagulants i.e. Surjana Seed Powder (SSP), Maize Seed Powder (MSP) and Chitosan. Effect of coagulant dose, flocculation time and temperature has been studied. The Sludge Volume Index (SVI) and turbidity were examined for various effects. SSP was more effective than Chitosan and MSP for the removal of COD and color and also, Chitosan was more efficient than SSP and MSP considering SVI and turbidity. Maximum percentage reduction corresponds to 75.6 and 62.8 was obtained for removal of COD and color respectively using SSP.