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Analysis of seasonal variation and dispersion pattern of ambient air pollutants in an urban environment

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Air Quality

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66 - 75

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Jeyadharmarajan Jeyanthi
Sellamuthu Sadheesh Jeyadharmarajan Jeyanthi
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The level of air pollution increased in urban areas due to local atmospheric conditions and dispersion of various air pollutants. In this study, the air quality index was carried out in four places in the urban zone and investigated the seasonal variation of PM2.5, PM10, SO2, NO2, and O3 over one year (2021) by considering the meteorological parameters in Coimbatore. Furthermore, fluidyn-PANACHE, a CFD tool, has been used to simulate the dispersion pattern of gaseous pollutants in the selected locations. To track the model, the concentration details of gaseous pollutants were collected and pollutant dispersion under numerous atmospheric conditions (Humidity, Temperature, Pressure) was identified using fluidyn-PANACHE software. From the collected air samples and dispersion pattern, SO2 and O3 show higher concentrations in summer. Particulate matter and NO2 show higher concentrations in winter due to seasonal variations in energy use and atmospheric constancy. Pearson correlation coefficients indicate most pollutants are correlated in Coimbatore except Ozone. Compared to the AQI category given by CPCB, the selected four locations are in the moderate category. However, increased PM10 levels were observed at all the selected zones in winter due to the process of inversion and environmental conditions.

Particulates, Fluidyn-PANACHE, Dispersion, Air samples, Inversion, Pearson coefficient.