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Removal of Basic Fuchsin Red dye by Turmeric leaf waste biochar: Batch adsorption studies, isotherm kinetics and RSM studies

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Water and Wastewater Treatment

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17 - 27

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Nithyalakshmi B
Nithyalakshmi B Saraswathi R Praveen S
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In this study, the basic fusion dye was adsorbed from wastewater using turmeric leaf waste biochar and the experimental outcomes were fitted with isotherm and kinetics. Further, Response Surface Methodology (RSM) was also performed to analyse the concurrent interactive effects of the process variables. Pyrolysis of turmeric leaf waste biomass resulted in biochar yield of 44.65% at temperature of 300 °C. The biochar had moisture content of 4.21%, volatile matter of 45.38%, ash content of 17.74% and fixed carbon of 32.65% respectively. The batch adsorption studies showed maximum dye removal of 87.44 % and 71% at temperature of 35 °C, dosage of 0.3g, time of 60 min, pH of 7 and dye concentration of 50 ppm respectively for biochar and biomass respectively. The experimental data obtained at equilibrium condition fitted well in pseudo-second order and Langmuir isotherm with R2 value of 0.98 respectively. This study provides base for usage of turmeric leaf-based waste for synthesis of biochar and for effective removal of dye from aqueous environment.

Turmeric leaf waste; Biochar; Red dye; Wastewater; Adsorption; RSM