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Green GDP Measurement of Shenyang City Based on Energy Value Analysis

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447 - 454

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Chang Wang
Tongfeng Chen, Chang Wang*, Yingyan Zhang, Shuling Zhou
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The resource environment loss has been evaluated using energy value and monetary value adopting complex ecological system analysis framework, Odum’s eco-econo mic system energy theory, and energy value analysis. The total amount of green ecological economy of Shenyang city from 2007 to 2016 was calculated in the paper. The results were shown as following: (1) Economic growth in Shenyang city was relied on resources consumption (including natural resources and the input resources) heavily and it was about 40%, which had brought about serious environment pollution from 2007 to 2013; (2) The mode of economic growth had been changed in Shenyang city between 2014- 2016 and the ecological environment had been improved, , ,however, it was not obvious. The present economic development model in Shenyang city is unsustainable. The development mode depending on resources and environment cost should be brought to develop ecological industry and circular economy, to avoid the economy into a vicious cycle.

Energy value; Green GDP, Ecological environment, Renewable environmental resources, Sustainable development, EMA